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Kilkenny shop manager says he is lucky to not be in hospital after attack

The incident happened last Thursday on High Street

A Kilkenny city shop manager says he’s lucky to not have ended up in hospital following a recent in-store incident.

Last Thursday a group of teenagers entered the National Council for the Blind of Ireland outlet on High Street & appeared to be trying to take some items.

Things took a bit of a turn when they were challenged by Joseph Byrne who heads up the unit – he’s been telling KCLR what happened:

‘I had a candle holder fired at me, down at my lower back. It was sore for a few hours after it but hey don’t care. Lucky the GardaĆ­ were quick to be on scene and it’s being investigated. There was only me and a volunteer there at the time. I mean, these lads are tall lads and they are well built. If they were to throw anything else at me or throw a slap at me you don’t know where you’d be – you’d be in the hospital, that’s the problem’.