Kilkennyman Trevor Rowe found guilty of murdering 71-year-old Anne Butler

Rowe, of Abbey Street, Kilkenny, had pleaded not guilty claiming he was too intoxicated to form the intent required to murder

A man has been found guilty of murdering a pensioner in her home in Kilkenny.

Trevor Rowe, of Abbey Street, Kilkenny, claimed he was too intoxicated to form the intent required to murder Anne Butler two years ago, but the jurors disagreed.

Three anonymous 999 calls were made on March 25th 2020.

The male caller refused to identify himself and demanded to be called God. He told them he had killed a woman and threatened to kill more if he wasn’t taken seriously.

The calls were traced back to Trevor Rowe, who broke down outside Anne Butler’s home on Maudlin Street after leading gardai to her red door.

The 71-year-old’s body had lain undiscovered inside for five days.

She had died from asphyxia.

Trevor Rowe had stuffed a piece of cardboard down her throat, blocking her airwaves. He also slit her throat, beat her and stabbed her several times in the back.

He accepted responsibility for killing her but denied murdering her, claiming he was too high on drink and drugs to form the requisite intent.

But after considering the evidence this afternoon, the jurors found him guilty of murder.

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