Housing Minister plans to convert large empty buildings in Carlow & Kilkenny to house Ukrainian refugees

Darragh O'Brien spoke to KCLR News at the LAMA conference at Hotel Kilkenny

The Housing Minister says he’s looking for vacant properties across Carlow and Kilkenny that can be converted for use for Ukrainian refugees.

Darragh O’Brien spoke to over 200 county councillors at the LAMA conference at Hotel Kilkenny on Tuesday.

He says that progress is being made on the pre-existing housing crisis in Ireland but that the department have to look at other ways to provide accommodation for people fleeing the Russian invasion.

Minister O’Brien has told KCLR News he’s focusing on finding large empty buildings locally and is awaiting a report from Carlow and Kilkenny County Councils before proceeding.

The Housing Minister says we will be able to house the thousands of Ukrainian refugees seeking shelter in Carlow and Kilkenny from the Russian invasion.

About 22,000 are estimated to have arrived in Ireland with hundreds already being accommodated locally.

We’re still struggling with a housing and rental crisis but Minister O’Brien’s been telling KCLR news that we will find solutions for the expected 100,000 Ukrainians because we have to.