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Leading health expert backs calls for a ‘zero-covid’ policy

Anthony Staines is Professor of Health Systems at DCU

A leading health expert is reiterating calls for Ireland to adapt a ‘zero-covid’ policy.

It comes after 98 new cases of the virus were reported in the republic yesterday, but no new deaths. The latest figures also show that there have been six new cases in Kilkenny and more in Carlow.

Anthony Staines is Professor of Health Systems at DCU.

Speaking to KCLR, he explained why government policy needs to focus on eradicating the virus, rather than living with it;

“The policy is likely to be some variation on living with Covid-19 and the problem with that is pretty much what we’ve seen over the last month or so- it’s very hard to keep this virus at a low level. Our understanding is that the plan is intended to bring the virus down to a much lower level, but that’s not easy to do. We’re arguing that we should try and bring it down to a lower level but then bring it down to zero.”

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