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Local Green Party rep reinforces opposition to proposed Carlow wind farm

The controversial development would see seven turbines installed in the Mount Leinster area.

A local Green party representative has slammed plans for a wind farm to be built in Carlow.

Fierce opposition has already been raised to the development, which would see seven turbines with a height of 178 metres installed in the Mount Leinster area.

Liam O’Brien, the Green Rep for Muine Bheag, says a lack of public consultation is one of the key issues people have with the project.

He’s been telling KCLR exactly why he’s against this particular green-friendly development;

“There’s no doubt that wind energy is going to play a very important role in the renewable energy sector. As a Green party representative, I am not opposed to wind farms. But what’s very important here is that this project is done correctly. I think there needs to be a far greater level of engagement in order to ensure that it has community support, and that it actually delivers for the community as well as the environment.”

Coilte insist they did engage with residents who would be directly affected by the development, however Liam claims they should have reached out further.