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Locals are being urged to heed the water conservation warnings with supply running critically low in places

A warning is now going out to homes & businesses in the Bennettsbridge area where water supplies are running critically low.

Restrictions on the supply were introduced late last week with customers being urged to conserve water where at all possible.

But the situation has still not improved according to James O’Toole, Operations Lead with Irish Water.

He says they are working hard to prevent it from reaching the stage where water will stop flowing from the taps.

Mr O’Toole says the water conservation messages for Kilkenny started in early June but Irish Water has not seen a reduction in demand since then so it would seem that people are not heeding the warnings.

He says Mother Nature is working against them and without rain water sources are not being replenished.

Conservation notices are also in place for supplies in Ballyhale & Knocktopher and Piltown & Owning areas.