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Locals urged to stay away from Carlow’s Mt Leinster, following motorist trap during snowfall

Firefighters were called out to the area last night after a number of drivers were caught in the heavy snow

Fun in the snow isn’t worth putting lives at risk.

That’s the message from one Carlow councillor, after a number of motorists became trapped in heavy snow in the Mount Leinster area last night (Thursday).

Firefighters from Bagenalstown attended the scene at around 8pm, and everyone involved safely made their way down from the mountain.

Carlow County Council issued a warning during the snowfall on New Year’s Eve, stating that “the Mount Leinster area, Corrabut gap and nine stones are all impassable and the public are advised to stay away.”

And Cllr Brian O’Donoghue is urging people to heed that advice as the poor weather continues;

“It’s just not safe to be up there” he told KCLR News. “Please avoid that whole area, because we can’t be wasting the time of our emergency services and we can’t risk people getting hurt because they weren’t being careful and went up to have fun in the snow. It’s just not going to be worth it.”