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Long lost Callan friends sought by Kildare man

Tom Sweeney knew the Callan sisters in the 1960s

A man is trying to track down two friends from his past.

Tom Sweeney from Kildare has contacted KCLR to try and find two girls from Callan who he was friends with in the 1960s.

Dymphna and Margaret Burke from Callan used to visit their sister who was living in Coill Dubh County Kildare when Tom met them.

Tom says the sisters were very good to him when he was younger. He wants to get in contact again because they lost touch over the years; ” At the time I was only 12 or 13 and had been in a car accident, but Margaret used to come visit me every day and we’d have a chat” he reminisced on The Way It Is. “Unfortunately we lost track of each other and I’m just wondering where they are. They’re probably married now, the two of them.”

Listen back to the interview on The Way It Is here.