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Looking to secure a school bus seat for the coming term in Carlow or Kilkenny?

Today’s the last day for payment on the School Transport Scheme.

It’s the second in a two-part process, in April parents register interest and today must pay the fee.

Of the 117,000 children nationwide availing of a seat every day, 8,000 in Carlow & Kilkenny will travel on 400 routes to over 100 schools.

John Sheridan is with the transport company & has this advice “We would ask parents to go onto our website www.buseireann.ie/schooltransport to make the payment, it’s extremely important the payment is made today before the deadline closes and that allows our staff around the country to process payment, issue tickets and ensure that by the end of August when school starts back that the school child has a ticket & a place on the school bus”.

He adds that extra measures have been put in place to help process the applications and it will be a number of weeks before parents will find out if they’ve secured a place.