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Low number of houses in Carlow and Kilkenny sold last year

Carlow and Kilkenny both have a low turnover rate in the housing market in the last year.

The figures come from the latest report by GeoDirectory.

Carlow had a turnover rate of 1.9% in the residential property market with Kilkenny even lower at 1.8% percent in the past 12 months.

The national figure is 2.1% but that’s a little distorted by the Dublin figures which are much higher than elsewhere at 2.5% percent.

Monaghan was the worst in the country on 1.3% while Tipperary wasn’t much better on 1.6%.

The average price of a house changing hands in Carlow since June 2015 was €140,000.

Kilkenny is considerably higher on €174,000 but still way below the national average of €232,000 and further still behind Dublin which is €380,000.

Another interesting stat in terms of the homelessness crisis show that local vacancy rates are lower than the elsewhere.

Kilkenny has a vacancy rate of only 9.4% percent with Carlow on 10.2%, while the national figure is nearly 13%.