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Management of Carlow’s Monastery Hostel to be transferred from the Society of St Vincent de Paul to another homeless charity

It's one of nine facilities impacted across the country

The Society of St Vincent de Paul‘s to transfer management of Monastery Hostel in Carlow & eight others to another homeless charity.

The society says the move will benefit service users as managing such facilities is moving beyond the capacity of a volunteer-led organisation.

300 beds are provided across the nine units with 16 places for homeless men in the local one.

David O’Neill is SVdP’s South East regional coordinator says his group’s been in talks with the Depaul Trust over the last few years notingĀ “Really I suppose it’s coming to a stage that you know we’re very mindful that the homeless service is becoming a very expertised field, Depaul Trust I suppose what we look at is that they are the experts in the field of homeless services and we’ve decided to look & partner with them and offering htem the service to manage the operations of the hostels across the country”

He adds that the number of spaces locally will be impacted saying “There are no concerns at the moment, we’ve been in touch with all our stakeholders across the services, service users, our funders, families where appropriate, they’re all fully briefed, but we’re very confident that the management of homeless services going forward will be a better fit with expertise running homeless services”.


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