Eugene McGuinness admits objecting to ‘bizarre’ family planning application is awkward

Obejections have been lodged against MJ McGuinness plans to build apartment block on O'Loughlin Road

Kilkenny City Cllr Eugene McGuinness is objecting to what he calls a bizarre planning application by a member of his family.

MJ McGuinness has submitted plans to build apartments at Assumption Place on O’Loughlin Road behind Nowlan Park

It would see the existing old pub and restaurant knocked, and a four-story apartment complex put up with 21 apartments and some office space.

Independent Cllr Eugene McGuinness has admitted to KCLR that it’s very awkward to be objecting to plans from his own family but he has to be consistent after he came out against other development in the area.

45 submissions had already been made on the application and Cllr McGuinness says it’s because the extra traffic that the project would bring would be a disaster for locals.

MJ McGuinness has responded to KCLR saying that it is a live application and everyone is entitled to make objections.

He says it’s up to the council to make the decision but he is quite positive about it.