Monday 25th February 2013

1972, Led Zeppelin appeared in front of over 25,000 fans at the Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand, the group’s first ever gig in New Zealand, (and the largest crowd ever to attend a concert on the island). A special train was chartered from Wellington to bring fans to the concert. News reviews the next day reported the band could be heard over five miles from the Stadium

2000, The five original Spice Girls were facing a bill of up to £1 million ($1.7 million) after losing a legal battle against the sponsors of their 1988 world tour. The Aprilia Scoter Company had claimed the girls knew of Geri’s impending departure.

2004, The Rolling Stones topped a US Rich List of music’s biggest money makers. The list was based on earnings during 2003 when the band played their ‘Forty Licks’ tour, which made them $212 million, (£124.7m) in ticket, CD, DVD and merchandise sales.

2009, President Obama honoured Stevie Wonder, his musical hero, with America’s highest award for pop music, the Library of Congress’ Gershwin prize at a ceremony at the White House.

Born on this day
1943, George Harrison guitarist and vocalist with The Beatles, the world’s most successful group.

1948, Elkie Brooks, (Elaine Bookbinder), English singer who had the 1977 UK No.8 single ‘Pearl’s A Singer’. Brooks was also a member of Vinegar Joe with Robert Palmer.

1957, Stewart Wood, from Scottish group Bay City Rollers

1959,Mike Peters, guitarist and vocalist with The Alarm