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More than 10,000 Carlow & Kilkenny homeowners have availed of grants for home energy upgrades

The SEAI is encouraging more to apply

Local homeowners are being encouraged to avail of grants for home energy upgrades.

The advice from Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) follows plans by the government’s climate action initiative to have 500,000 Irish homes with a B2 building energy rating by 2030.

To date 4,489 Carlow homes and 6,609 in Kilkenny have already availed of these grants and according to SEAI these homeowners are living in more comfortable, healthier, energy efficient homes, while paying lower energy bills and reducing their climate impact.

The organisation is now offering individual grants for insulation, renewable home heating, heating controls, and solar PV.

The grants are fixed amounts ranging from €400 up to €6000 depending on the works to be undertaken and the size of house, and typically cover 30% of the upgrade cost. according to the report Some works, such as roof insulation or cavity wall insulation, can typically pay for themselves through lower energy bills in as little as one to two years.

For more details log onto www.seai.ie

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