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Natural Health Store on KCLR Breakfast (Tuesday, 23nd March 2021)

Clair Whitty joins our John Walsh on occasional Tuesdays after 9am to talk natural health

Finding it hard to sleep lately?

It’s been reported that many people’s patterns have changed in recent times, largely due to the Pandemic with ‘normal’ routines changed and that’s seen a rising rate of issues in dropping-off.

Others have had to contend with varying work shifts, a new baby in the home or a range of reasons that see them lacking.

And the effects of bad sleep are endless, some of them long term.

But there are some simple dos and don’ts as you prepare for bed to help you cuddle in and fall away to the land of nod.

Clair Whitty from the Natural Health Store at the Market Cross Shopping Centre in Kilkenny is a regular on KCLR Breakfast with our John Walsh.

In their latest chat, they touched on what might affect sleep and what could help ensure you get enough time in the switched-off state.

Listener questions in the slot are always welcome, you can email [email protected] or text/WhatsApp during showtime (7am to 10am, weekdays) to 083 3069696.

Including this week on menopause and night sweats, snoring, facial itch and more.

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