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New Greenway through South Kilkenny will not impact the privacy of Glenmore residents

So says Cllr Joe Malone

Glenmore residents’ privacy will not be impacted by the new Kilkenny Greenway.

So says Councillor Joe Malone, who points out that a car park that’s to be built along the cycleway will be constructed with such fears in mind.

The 29-space carpark at Ballyverneen was discussed at the recent meeting of Kilkenny County Council, following three submissions to a public consultation on the project.

Cllr Malone says he’s satisfied the local authority will alleviate the concerns that were raised telling KCLR News “Some of the residents in the Glenmore area have concerns about the car park that people could be camping there overnight and one thing or another but we got assurances from the director Sean McKeon that that’s not going to happen, there will be a workforce employed there and also for litter and antisocial behaviour, that will be monitored at all times, so it’s welcome”.

The Fianna Fáil representative adds “After reading the report, I think there’s three houses there, residents there, but they’re going to put up a screening thing which will be trees, you know, to give them privacy there as well because it probably would be a bit nice so, obviously there’ll be a lot of footfall there so hopefully people, the walkers and cyclists would respect that as well, for the residents, it’s about everybody and helping everybody as well and that everything is in place”.