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New public lighting to be switched on along Chapel Lane, Moneenroe, Kilkenny today

The provision's being welcomed locally

A busy thoroughfare in North Kilkenny’s set to be bathed in light.

After decades of lobbying, 16 lights have finally been installed along Chapel Lane and today they’ll be switched on for the first time.

John Brennan, who’s been calling for such a provision for the thirty years he’s been serving as a councillor, says it’s a busy stretch with a number of homes along it and other facilities;¬†“Great news for the residents in the Chapel Lane area, a lot of people use that, they might be walking up to the church, up to Mass, and a lot of elderly people would be using it as well at times and in the wintertime in particular as well, the dark evenings, you’ve more security for the residents living in the area, I’m delighted that the good news is coming that the lights are being switched on”.

He adds¬†“It’s a very dark area, it’s a narrow stretch of road at the best of times but the fact that the lights are going to be on there now will give added security to people and people will feel more secure living in the area, especially with what’s happening there in places at the moment you see plenty of robberies going on in areas people living in fear at times so they’ll have that added security of knowing that if there is people who have those intentions at least they will be able to be seen more in public”.

While Chair of the Castlecomer Municipal District, Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick says “It’s long, long overdue, for many years, many councillors have campaigned, I’m delighted to see the turning on of the lights and see them getting energised by the ESB here”.