Minister disputes McGuinness claim that Juniors Minister don’t need special advisors

Deputy McGuinness tells KCLR he didn't need a special advisor while a Minister of State

Malcolm Noonan says he does need his special advisor.

That’s despite constituency colleague John McGuinness telling KCLR there’s no need for 10 Junior Ministers to have new advisors appointed.

There’s been fierce criticism of the Government decision which was confirmed on the week politicians get a pay rise and new lower PUP rates kicked in for people out of work due to the pandemic.

Fianna fail TD for Carlow Kilkenny Deputy McGuinness served as a Minister of State for Trade and Commerce from 2007 to 2009.

He told The Way It Is that he didn’t have any special advisors and he was happy to rely on the pre-existing expertise with the department so he doesn’t see why it would be neccessary.

But Minister Noonan has told The Way It Is that he did ask for and does need extra expert advice in certain areas like Biodiversity and water issues.