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Nursing Homes Ireland says Fair Deal scheme benefiting HSE homes more than private or voluntary

HSE-run nursing homes locally are being paid more per person than their voluntary or private counterparts.

That’s according to Nursing Homes Ireland who’ve put together newly-published figures from the Health Service in relation to the fees payable under the Fair Deal Scheme.

In Kilkenny the HSE nursing homes are getting paid an average of 77% more under the scheme, while the figure in Carlow is 57%.

The average fee paid to a HSE nursing home in Kilkenny is €1,600 per person per week, while it’s €901 for voluntary and private homes.

In Carlow the situation is much the same with HSE nursing homes getting €1,370, and the others getting €871.

Tadhg Daly from Nursing Homes Ireland told KCLR News they feel the state is essentially discriminating against private and voluntary homes.