Oscailt 14/10/2013

Oscailt 14/10/2013

Mary started tonight’s show by chatting with Freda Findlay from Inclusion Ireland and all the projects and initiatives the group are involved with at the moment. You can contact Inclusion Ireland on 01 8559891 or visit www.inclusionireland.ie, or email [email protected]

Gina Delaney from Carers Association was on next to discuss upcoming Budget proposals and the groups pre submissions to the government. 056 7721424 is the contact number for the Carer’s Assocation.

Mary White was up next to discuss how groups can represent themselves better through public speaking. You can contact her through her business White Consultancy.

Padraig Noughton came on then. Padraig is a respreserntaive from Arts & Disability Ireland and he was on to discuss a play called Solpadeine is my Boyfriend, taking place at the GB Shaw Theatre in Carlow. SIMB is a play running with full consideration for the disabled with captioning and audio notation available for those that require it.