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Parts of Kilkenny to face up to 22 hour water shortage later this month

It's as Irish Water & the county council carry out upgrade works

Residents and businesses in parts of Kilkenny will be without water for up to 22 hours at the end of the month.

It’s as Irish Water & Kilkenny County Council carry out essential upgrade works on the supply network at Talbotsinch on the Freshford Road and will lead to a temporary loss of supply to homes and businesses there for about 22 hours from midnight to 10pm on Saturday, November 28th.

Those in Freshford and surrounding areas may also experience a temporary loss too for a similar period of time.

While some customers may also see reduced pressure for a few hours after the works, as water refills the network.

The aim is to replace an outdated valve on the watermain from Troyswood Reservoir supplying Kilkenny City. The valve reduces pressures in the water network in proportion to the flow through it, resulting in high pressures at night and reduced pressures at peak demand periods.