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Post Office to remain in Borris as O’Shea’s Centra takes over the contract

The current post office closes on the 26th of May and new one opens on the 29th

Borris is to hold onto its postal services.

With the postmistress set to retire at the end of this month, there were concerns that the offering would be lost not just to the village but the wider hinterland.

However, O’Shea’s Centra has taken over the contract and Cllr Willie Quinn says there’ll be no gap with it closing at one outlet on a Friday and reopening at its new home the following Monday.

“The old post office will keep going until the 26th of May, and that will be closed,” said Willie.

“At this point, I would like to thank Josephine and Tara for all the hard work that we know over the last 12 years that have been amazing for the town, and it’s great to have it in the town at length, and the 29th and it will be taken over,” he added.