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Prepare your home for a zero-carbon future by introducing a sustainable home heating system

With an increased amount of time being spent at home, it is important to ensure heating systems are running efficiently to maximise warmth and comfort whilst keep heating bills down. When a heating system is not performing at optimum efficiency in terms of heating potential and cost, in most cases it is time to consider a home heating upgrade.

As the focus on achieving zero-carbon continues to grow year on year, so too is the demand for sustainable heating technologies as part of heating system upgrades. Irish heating technology manufacturer, Grant is playing a key role in the deployment of sustainable heating technologies and in recent years has expanded its heating technology portfolio further to provide a full range of highly efficient, reliable heating solutions.

Taking its responsibility in paving the way towards a decarbonised future very seriously, Grant has advanced its wide range of heating technologies over the years to include A+++ air to water air source heat pumps, biofuel compatible boilers, underfloor heating, A-rated pre-plumbed cylinders, aluminium radiators, and fan convector radiators. All these products have been designed and developed to achieve the best possible efficiency rating and meet the relevant requirements to help homeowners on their journey to zero carbon.

When upgrading a heating system, it is important to consider the main heat source as this will drive the home heating system for many years to come. Grant’s Vortex biofuel compatible boiler range and A+++ Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump range are two highly sustainable, efficient choices of main heat source that can help to future-proof a home.

Grant’s A+++ Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump is an ideal option for properties of varying sizes and for deep retrofits. Available in four outputs, the range offers cleaner, more environmentally friendly performance, and can lower a property’s overall carbon footprint and annual heating bills. Although a heat pump will require more investment than a conventional boiler system, homeowners can feel reassured that running costs and comfort levels will be improved provided the house is adequately insulated.

For homeowners wishing to make the switch to a more efficient boiler system, the Grant Vortex range is the perfect upgrade choice which can reduce carbon emissions without compromising comfort levels and help save up to 25%* on annual heating bills. To prepare for a decarbonised future, the Vortex range is also compatible for use with future biofuel blends** which helps to future-proof the home for its changing heating needs, whilst continuing to deliver the reliability and efficiency synonymous with Grant.

Grant Aerona3 R32 10kW air to water air source heat pump

To further optimise a household’s home heating, homeowners can consider a full heating system upgrade which includes replacement of the main heat source, hot water storage and heat emitters within each room of the property. The team at Grant recognise that beginning a home heating upgrade can be a daunting experience for many homeowners and so offers a free of charge home heating design service when a heat pump is chosen to be the main heat source.

As part of the home heating design service, homeowners supply Grant with their house plans. Using these plans, Grant’s technical specialists carry out room by room heat loss calculations in line with SR:50 requirements. This information provides the heat load requirement for each room and helps to calculate the heat pump output, the hot water demands and underfloor heating and/or radiators for a home. Having the heating system professionally designed and specified also helps to meet required building regulations and achieve a highly efficient and sustainable heating solution.

Take advantage of Grant’s free of charge Home Heating Design Service in 3 easy steps:

  1. Send planning drawings, a contact number and your preference of underfloor heating, radiators or both to [email protected]
  2. Grant technical specialists will be in touch to discuss your requirements
  3. Full property specifications with recommended Grant products will be provided
*depending on age and make of boiler
**depending on type of biofuel and % blend eg: HVO, FAME etc.

For further information on Grant’s range of heating products, which are available from plumbing and heating merchants throughout Ireland visit the Grant website. Follow Grant on Facebook and Twitter @GrantIRL or Instagram @Grant_IRL   


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