Price of farmland in Carlow and Kilkenny continues to rise

The average price per acre locally is now more than €13,000

Agricultural land prices in Ireland have seen their biggest increase since the financial crash in 2008

Prices have increased by 33% in the last two years.

The average price of farmland in Carlow rose by 14% to €13,080 per acre while Kilkenny saw just a 4% jump to €13,523.

The figures are contained in the Irish Farmers Journal’s annual land price report which reveals the average price of agricultural land increased by 16% in 2021 to €11,966 per acre.

Paul Mooney, Property Editor, with the Farmers Journal said a number of factors are driving the increase:

“Demand very strong as we see in the past number of years, demand from dairy farmers in particular and also from what we call the business type category of buyer”