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Queue expected outside Carlow auctioneers tonight before tomorrow’s house sale

18 new homes will be sold

A number of people are expected to queue outside a Carlow auctioneers overnight tonight.

It’s because new houses are going on sale on Saturday morning and 20-to-30 couples are competing to snap up 18 new homes.

It’s the latest phase in the in the Castleoaks estate on the Dublin Road and it looks like demand will outstrip supply.

They will be sold by June Doran Properties on Dublin Street from nine o’clock on Saturday and she’s been telling us about the new houses that have generated so much interest noting “This is the fifth phase and the last phase, phase four, was launched in June 2019 so we’re a good bit further down the road than we thought we would have been in 2020, we thought we would have released another phase at least by May but Covid-19 has, sortof, delayed that”.

She adds that of the 18 houses “Nine three-bed semi-detached houses and six four-bed semi detached houses and three four-bed detached”.

The buildings appear to be much sought after with June claiming “I would expect that some people would have queued and probably from early enough in the morning but not really the night before or certainly not the evening before but I have been told by some of the people who are very interested in these houses, more than interested, want these houses, want one of them, they’ll be there as early as 6pm”.