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Rank & file Gardaí still in the dark over reasons for new divisional boundaries

The merger of the Kilkenny/Carlow division with Waterford is set to happen in June

A local GRA rep says rank and file Gardai still haven’t been given the reasons behind the redrawing of the local divisional boundaries.

A statement from Management yesterday promised that Carlow and Kilkenny would still have Superintendents based locally when the new plan comes into effect this summer.

The local division is  merging with Waterford under the plans and it was revealed on Wednesday that it’s set to happen from June.

Impact assessments will be conducted at a local level before the changes happen.

Each Division will for the first time have a Superintendent dedicated to Crime, one for Governance and Performance Assurance, and a number of Superintendents in charge of Community Engagement.

An Assistant Principal, which is the grade equivalent of a Superintendent, will also be appointed in each Division to head up Business Services, which covers areas such as HR, Finance and Administration.

But Ger Comerford from the Garda Representative Association says Commissioner Drew Harris still hasn’t justified his thinking on this shake-up.

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