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Report shows increase in Kilkenny house prices and decrease in Carlow in last 10 years

The latest report by GeoView shows there were 104 houses being built in Carlow by the end of December, and 291 in Kilkenny.

That represents almost 1% and 2% respectively, of the building activity in the country.

Meanwhile, there were 202 new residential addresses added to the directory over the last 12 months in Carlow, and 284 added in Kilkenny.

The report also analyses house prices over the past decade.

In Carlow, the average house price in 2019 was 4% less than in 2009 – going from €183,800 to €175,800.

However, the opposite was true for Kilkenny, as prices increased by 8% over the 10 years – from €203,800 to €219,400.

Carlow Town and Kilkenny City are the two local areas where prices are highest.

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