Reptile Zoo Director tells KCLR he’s met shady characters from Tiger King

James Hennessey has had to set up an emergency GoFundMe page to help feed their animals

James Hennessey from the Reptile Zoo in Kilkenny says he knows some of the characters people are watching in the netfix documentary Tiger King.

The Reptile Zoo is of course closed at the moment – so with no visitors and no income they’ve had to set up an emergency GoFundMe page to try and keep their animals fed.

There are huge overheads at the new set-up on the Hebron Road due to the heating and dietary requirements of the residents and some will have to be put down if enough funds aren’t secured to last through the coronavirus crisis.

James told KCLR Live today that there are sometimes shady figures operating as exotic animal dealers.

And he’s told KCLR he’s a little bit ashamed to admit he’s had dealings in the past with some of the people in the true crime TV documentary, including Mario from Cuba who spent time in prision for drug trafficing.