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Residents of Kells and surrounding areas of County Kilkenny say they don’t want Eir to install a mast in the heart of the historic village

The telecommunications company has told KCLR it's aware of local objectors but it's trying to significantly enhance mobile service for the area

The people of Kells in county Kilkenny are ramping up their opposition to the installation of an Eir mast in the heart of their village.

Permission had been sought by the telecommunications company for a 15metre, or 50foot, structure at its telephone exchange site on the Haggard Road.

Initially refused by the county council, An Bord Pleanála later overturned the decision and construction began earlier this year, though it was later halted.

It’d been thought locally that installation works were to resume today but that didn’t appear to happen.

However, at least 60 people still came out to hammer out their message from about 8:30am with smaller groupings maintaining a presence there across the day.


Eir provided the following statement to KCLR today:

“Planning approval was granted for the development of a 15m monopole by eir, to be located at the telephone exchange in Kells, Co Kilkenny. The mobile site was proposed to enhance mobile service in Kells and surrounding areas, where service is acknowledged to be very poor. The purpose of developing this site is to significantly enhance mobile service, including voice and data, in Kells and the surrounding areas. We are aware of the local objections to the development of the monopole and having engaged Kilkenny County Council we are currently developing the mobile site in compliance with the planning conditions for the site.”


KCLR News’ Edwina Grace was in Kells to find out why people had turned out:

While our Eimear Ní Bhraonáin opened this morning’s KCLR Live by linking up to the grouping: