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Residents of one County Carlow estate will finally get their keys this week

New residents of Glenbru will take ownership of their properties on Thursday

Residents of a new housing scheme in Carlow will finally get their keys this week.

20 homes at Glenbru, Bagenalstown have been finished & allocated for some time but councillors had expressed concerns that no handover date had been confirmed.

Cllr Arthur McDonald though has been explaining to KCLR News that “The 20 houses that were allocated in Glenbru in Bagenalstown, were just lying there & we were worried because they’d been allocated but no sign of the keys, no information as to what the problem was so we made enquiries yesterday again and we actually got a return from the housing officer who informed us that the keys would be handed to the tenants & they could take control of their houses on Thursday”.

He adds “It’s good news for twenty people in Bagenalstown who’ll be moving into their new houses, there’s several other houses available in Bagenalstown and the sooner we get them allocated and get tenants into them, you know, the better because I’ve been people worried will they take the house back off me, or am I definitely get the house so this takes the worry out of it when they actually get the key”.