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River Barrow “kissing gates” are making tracks inaccessible according to a Carlow cyclist

The structure's been deemed "annoying" by cyclists & runners

A Carlow cyclist says new “kissing gates” along the river Barrow are making many tracks inaccessible.

Waterways Ireland recently installed the gates on the Barrow Track at the Weir in Graiguecullen.

Christopher Davey is with the Carlow Cycling Campaign & has been telling KCLR “It’s annoying as a runner, as a cyclist it’s also annoying so, like, if you’re running with a group of two or three you know you’re having to go through the gate one at a time and it’s not just as simple as going around the gate, you have to close the gate, open the gate, close the gate, open the gate again, as a cyclist it’s really really annoying, you have to lift up your bike to bring it through, you have to go through one at a time and not every cyclist can lift up a bike, we have to be mindful of that, I think Waterways Ireland have to be more mindful of that when they’re putting in infrastructure”.

The group has sent the following letter: