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Road markings are something one should really check” says local councillor after error on Kilkenny City route

The issue on John Street however was resolved almost immediately

Incorrect road markings that were recently laid down in Kilkenny City “should really have been double-checked” according to one local councillor.

During the resurfacing works that took place on John’s Street two weeks ago, signs were painted on the road at the junction with the Dublin Road at MacDonagh Junction indicating that drivers should turn in the wrong direction.

The markings had to quickly be burnt off the road and painted over, according to engineer Brendan Sheahan.

Cllr Eugene Mc Guinness says it shouldn’t have happened, but the error was resolved quickly telling KCLR News “Although it’s obviously vitally important that road markings are absolutely correct and they should be double checked, mistakes can be made and the most important thing here is that when it was made it was corrected immediately, that’s the important issue here, of course nobody wants it to happen but they were working in the night, they were working to a deadline and they did make a mistake and I suppose we’re all likely to make mistakes from time to time but road markings are something one should really check but it was corrected almost immediately”.

He adds “They were indicating a right turn and a left turn in the wrong place, people were familiar with that junction so they knew where they were going anyway but never-the-less road markings are very, very important and that’s where they were”.