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Road safety measures being rolled out in South Kilkenny village of Listerlin

But those using the roads in the area are asked too to play their part

Kilkenny County Council’s rolling out safety measures at a south county village.

Concern has been raised about the junction in Listerlin where the R704 intersects with roads to Thomastown and Glenmore.

The Roads Department of the local authority says driver feedback signs, road markings and additional signage have been installed to reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents arising.

And Cllr Fidelis Doherty says more is on the way, telling KCLR News “The plan of work is that programme of work to improve the junction and the alignment of the road and footpaths and public lighting in the village of Listerlin, known as Mullinahargle and it’ll make the village safer, it’s a lovely little village here in South Kilkenny, it’s a busy road, the junctions are on the R704 which brings you off the motorway and into New Ross”.

She adds that those using the roads too need to take care, noting “In this particular case I’ve seen it on several occasions where people don’t make a stop, it’s only the luck of God that nothing has happened so people, and especially drivers, have a responsibility and everyone that uses the junction whether they’re on a tractor, a bicycle or a car or as a pedestrian so it’s a busy spot, lovely little spot with a shop, the church, put and the school so yes, driver safety and everyone has to pay personal responsibility for their own personal safety”.

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