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Roads across Carlow and Kilkenny will be “lethal” until tomorrow morning

It follows a warning from County Council to avoid all road travel in parts of Kilkenny..

Roads across Carlow and Kilkenny may be “lethal” until tomorrow morning.

So says local expert Alan O’Reilly, of Carlow Weather.

The recent drop in temperatures has caused treacherous conditions for drivers today, particularly in South Kilkenny.

The County Council’s advised all road travel should be avoided in Smartscastle, Cloone, Slieverue and Glenmore.

Forecaster Alan says the icy weather is set to continue;

Normally we get frost or we get snow, which is cold but dry. It’s this ‘wet’ which is falling on top of the frozen roads which has made it lethal out there. It’s going to stay very cold today as well, so you’re going to have a mix. There are going to be snow showers on and off, and they’re going to continue through the day and into this evening. Unfortunately then you’re going to have low temperatures again, so we could be in for a repeat again tomorrow morning and late tonight.”