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Save Goresbridge and get local construction projects going again is the plea from one Kilkenny councillor

Denis Hynes' call was made at the Castlecomer Municipal District meeting

A Goresbridge councillor is appealing to the local authority to save the village and get local construction projects going again.

Cllr Denis Hynes told yesterday’s meeting of Castlecomer Municipal District that the area’s “in crisis mode”.

His comments came after the meeting heard that a turnkey housing project in Goresbridge has come to a standstill, due to a dispute with building contractors.

Cllr Hynes says the village is in desperate need of the nine homes it would provide, and much more telling KCLR News “I’m actually at boiling point with it all now, I feel enough is enough, these houses have to be delivered on, nine houses is not going to be enough for the village, we need to protect the local businesses, we need to protect the families that live in the community and we have to do what’s best now for us all, we’ve a national school here that has to be protected as well, we lost the secondary school, the pain of that is still being felt throughout the village, and now we’re in danger of losing the national school if the local authority doesn’t come on board sooner rather than later & do the right thing”.

Cllr Hynes claims new amenities are desperately needed in Goresbridge, following the loss of their secondary school and he adds the area’s losing its young people due to the lack of housing, noting “Goresbridge has been starved of any social housing being built down here for more than 23 years and it’s just not good enough at this stage, we’re a community now that’s starting to die, we’re an aging community, we’ve young people who have to leave the village to get on the housing list to get a house, to have a start in life and people iln the village, as in any village across Carlow & Kilkenny, deserve a home and at the very least they should be given an opportunity to have that home in the place they grew up in”.

The Labour representative adds “We’re dying a death I mean I’ve met the doctor, I’ve met the business community, you drive down through Goresbridge, business after business is closing and we’re now down to one shop operating in the village that’s all and we have the chemists and the doctor’s surgery, this is a community, it’s not even in the Clár programme, it’s absolutely infuriating me now to put it mildly”.