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Schools should hold classes outdoors, says public health expert

It's as an additional 250,000 secondary school students are due back nationwide on April 12th

A public health expert says school classes should be held in community centres – or outdoors.

Education Minister Norma Foley claims the final stage of the phased reopening of schools is on track to happen on April 12th.

250,000 secondary school students are due back that day – with all other pupils now back.

However Professor Scally, of the Royal Society of Medicine, says classes shouldn’t be confined to school buildings;

“The schools really should be expanding into other premises, and they should be given the money to do that. Community halls, sports facilities or whatever is free [should be used] so that there’s more space” he explained. “We should be moving classrooms outdoors where we can, and building the facilities to let that happen. So outdoors can make a huge difference.”