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See some strange fireballs over Carlow and Kilkenny last night? Here’s what they were…

A strange occurence was sighted in the skies over Carlow and Kilkenny, and further afield last night.

Carlow Weather’s social media was inundated with people wondering what the trail of fireballs that went across the sky shortly after 9 o’clock was.

Some people were wondering if it was shooting stars, or some sort of aircraft.

Speaking to KCLR News today though, Alan O’Reilly says they eventually got to the bottom of it:

“It seems that it was some space junk, as it’s called, which was associated with a Chinese satellite – CZ-3C R/B, is the name of the satellite.

“It was launched by the Chinese for their navigation system.

“It looks like some of the debris was returning into the atmosphere last night and that’s what caused the bright shooting-star-type phenomenon that people saw.

“But there’s been some very good video and camera footage of it. It certainly was unusual!”

Have a look at some of the footage below: