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Seven more deaths and 243 new cases of Covid-19, up to fourteen across Carlow and Kilkenny

Kilkenny's numbers have jumped again, this time by ten, while Carlow had four or less new incidences

Seven more people with Covid-19 have died while 243 new cases of the virus have been confirmed.

Of these up to 14 of them are local, with Kilkenny having the lions share at ten while Carlow has four or less.

Of the latest incidences more men than women were infected with 71% aged under 45 years and the median age is 32.

Also, as of 2pm this afternoon 254 patients with the virus are in hospitals, 31 of them are in intensive care units, while there were 20 additional hospitalisations in the latest 24 hour stretch.

Ten people with Covid-19 are understood to have been treated at St Luke’s General Hospital for Carlow and Kilkenny with no further suspected cases.

Incidence Rate

The figures released this evening show that Kilkenny unfortunately continues to be the fourth highest county with regards to the incidence rate – it’s now stands at 126, above the nation’s 93.7, after 125 positive tests in a fortnight. While Carlow is among the lower ten counties with a rate of 66.7 after just 38 people across the county became infected in the fourteen days to Friday.

In the UK

Another 479 people are reported to have died with Covid-19 in the UK.

It’s down on yesterday, when 521 deaths were recorded.

The number of coronavirus cases appears to be levelling off, there’ve been a further 15,800 new infections.