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Should Carlow control more of Graiguecullen?

The issue's expected to be discussed by Carlow & Laois councillors

Councillors in Carlow and Laois are likely to discuss who should control Graiguecullen.

The area straddles both counties so parts are currently affected by the regional lockdown imposed after a spike in coronavirus cases in the midlands.

Carlow Mayor Fergal Browne says the issue has been brought into sharp focus over the past week and he expects to discuss Carlow County Council taking over Graigcullen out as far as the ringroad at a joint meeting next month.

Speaking to KCLR News he said there’s some logic in extending it out to the ringroad noting “Even having an agreement between the local authorities that Carlow would service the areas because it makes more sense in some respects for Carlow to do that rather than from Portlaoise but how you deal with the practicality of it, I’m not too sure.”

A joint municipal meeting is coming up in September between the councillors in the Carlow municipal area & those in the Graigcullen & Portarlington area & the issue is expected to be part of the discussion at that stage.

Mayor Browne believes that there’s a danger with going with a county boundary for certain issues, pointing out “My own view would be you’d be better off to stick with a certain kilometer radius when an issues does arise, no doubt we are going to have these issues going forward, and if you stuck to, be it a 20km, radius from where the problem exists it might be better, because the county borders doesn’t make sense in many cases, it’s too awkward.”