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“Slow Down” is the message from Gardaí as rainfall in Carlow and Kilkenny leaves surface water on many local roads

A weather warning's in place until 8 o'clock this evening

Drivers are being urged to slow down this morning with considerable water on the roads following torrential downpours.

A number of routes are particularly bad with surface water and minor flooding along the Freshford road approaching Kilkenny – emergency services are clearing a stretch about three miles from the village at Clashacrow and have a stop and go system in place with one lane operating until about 11am.

There are also reports of a tree down at Kellistown in Carlow this morning.

And with a weather warning in place now until 8 o’clock this evening Roads Policing Sergeant Gary Gordon is urging people to give themselves a little extra time;

“Probably going to take you another ten / fifteen minutes longer this morning because of the roads but just to be mindful in your head that when you come around the next bend there could be a flood and you might have to take action so bring down the speed and make sure you’re completely visable to all other road users”.