Soft plastics can go back into your recycling bin

All clean, dry, and loose plastic packaging is now accepted in Ireland.

Soft plastics are being accepted in your recycling again after technology upgrades by Irish recycling companies.

All plastic packaging waste can now be placed in household recycling bins as long as it is clean, dry, and loose.

Minister Ossian Smyth says soft plastics have been added to the household recycling list due to advancements in technology at Irish recycling facilities.

For the last number of years only rigid plastic food packaging had been accepted but Pauline McDonogh, from reland’s official website for guidance on managing waste MyWaste.ie, says this new development will make waste segregation much more straightforward for the householder.

Advancements have been made to the technology that segregates the different material types in recycling facilities. The recyclable plastic is sent to specialised, polymer-specific recycling facilities. If it cannot currently be recycled, it will be sent as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) to replace fossil fuels at cement kilns.

For a detailed list of the materials that are now accepted in the household recycling bin see mywaste.ie.



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