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Soldiers from Kilkenny barracks win Gold in International competition

Local soldiers have won Gold at one of the toughest patrolling exercises in the world.

A team from the 3rd Infantry Battallion based at the James Stephen’s Barracks in Kilkenny were flying the flag at the Cambrian Patrol which is held annually in Wales and is the British Army’s top international competition

It takes 48 hours, where participants cover 67 kilometres through the rugged Cambrian Mountains and swamp lands of mid-Wales carrying 25 kilogrammes of equipment.

It’s a physically gruelling 2-day test of determination and teamwork in the most unforgiving mountainous terrain with loads of tactical and technical challenges along the way.

This year a ten-man patrol from the local  Barracks were competing against 140 other teams – 34 of them international representatives from all over the world.

The 3rd Infantry Battalion based in Kilkenny picked up silver medals in 2018 but they’ve gone one better this year and were presented with gold medals for their efforts.