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South East Greenway through Kilkenny already showing economic and community opportunities

The county council's bought a building in Glenmore which is expected to become a community shop and cafe

The South East Greenway’s on track to open its first two sections next year.

Considerations are being given to allow people on lots as they’re completed – that’s due for the first two sections by quarter two, 2023.

The Piltown Municipal District meeting this week heard all that stands in the way of that is the creation of carparks in Rosbercon and in Glenmore – once they’re in place and the approval given for the Part 8 the project will move forward.

Cllr Fidelis Doherty says “There’s great excitement, I was part of some workshops there some months ago, it was lovely just when you walk the greenway with others and cycle it and just to see it and people are on it, they shouldn’t be, but look let it be open and let it happen and in time the whole entity will open so it’ll be nice to have it say from Rosbercon out to Glenmore and the second one then from Ferrybank towards Luffany in Slieverue”.

The South East Greenway is already showing potential for an economic boost for towns and villages along its route between New Ross in Co Wexford and Waterford city with most of the 24km stretch in Kilkenny.

Already, under funding from Minister Heather Humphreys the county council’s purchased a vacant premises in Glenmore for use as a community shop and cafe.

Cllr Fidelis Doherty says it’s the start of a journey that could see the area’s offering expanded, telling KCLR it’s “Really bringing great excitement to Glenmore so that link from the greenway into the village so it’ll be a community shop and a cafe, so we’re on the early stages, we’re on that journey, the council will own it, the community then will pay a lease”.

A former shopkeeper herself in the area, Cllr Doherty loved her time at the till and saw first-hand what a vital part of the community such an outlet was, not just providing products to residents and visitors but also doubling as a social hub, so she understands how reinstating that facility will greatly enhance the area, noting “We don’t have a shop in Glenmore, we don’t have a post office in Glenmore, we’ve a lovely, lovely village, the quaintness of it is just unique, so we have the creamery, the church and a pub, it is as it is at the moment but it’s all subject to change”.

There are further opportunities too that can be availed of – a business plan’s being drafted and suggestions are welcome – Cllr Doherty says “Indeed it has been said to me several times, people that have ideas, you know there’s plenty of room for everybody and let everyone that wants to come to the table come to it and we’ll support and we’ll get support and we’ll give support, Waterford was the absolute phenomenal success, okay we’re that little bit off the greenway but not so far in Glenmore, a little bit further in Slieverue, but not so far either that the coming off can be part of the experience and that you’d embrace and see the village”.

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