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South East Mountain Rescue team called out three times in past five days as numbers of people hiking increases

The group says choose your footwear carefully if you're planning going up the mountains or hills

The South East Mountain Rescue team’s been called out three times in the past five days.

Poor underfoot conditions is the prime reason for help being needed and this has proven problematic as many people have been taking to the hills.

Kilkenny based Liam McCabe is the group’s team leader, he says this week they’ve had a broken ankle at Coumshingaun, a fall in Kilworth, and a clip in the Comeragh Mountains.

He said “Be careful, and a good choice of footwear is the key, we’ve had over 30 calls since the start of Covid and I would say 90% of those have been in relation to trips & slips, broken ankles mainly”.

“I’d advise those going into the outdoors to choose their footwear wisely and obviously take other precautions as well in terms of bring other warm clothing”.

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