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South Kilkenny Fianna Fail candidate hits out at ‘dirty tricks’ campaign

With just days to go until we cast our ballots in General Election 2016 one of the Carlow Kilkenny candidates claims he has been the victim of dirty tricks.

Fianna Fails Bobby Aylward says its been brought to his attention that phone calls were made to some of his supporters in the constituency purporting to be from his partys head office requesting that they give a number 1 vote to his colleague John McGuinness ahead of him.

It’s claimed the callers made reference to a poll that has Deputy Aylward ‘soaring’.

Bobby Aylward told KCLR Live he has contacted Fianna Fail HQ and they have no knowledge of the calls or of any poll.

He made it clear that he was not pointing the finger at John McGuinness or anyone associated with his campaign either.

But he said he wanted to point out that it is simply not true that he is deemed to be ‘safe’ and was still actively canvassing for support ahead of polling day on Friday.