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Speed limit review for Kilkenny City and County roads underway

You can have your say too when it goes out for public consultation

A speed limit review for Kilkenny’s roads is underway.

The Callan Thomastown municipal district meeting this week heard how the county council’s commenced the draft document which is due to be presented to councillors in November.

Cllr Peter ‘Chap’ Cleere says it’s an important step telling KCLR News “There are many black spots and danger areas in Kilkenny city and county and this is the perfect opportunity to highlight these, amend speed limits accordingly but all done in conjunction with An Garda, the TII, the local authority, the public representatives, the community and constituents as well”.

He adds “It’s just a matter of getting I suppose as much feedback and as much information into this plan as we can to enable it to be as strong as possible so it’ll be going out for public consultation in November but we’re doing as much work as we can now to have it ready so when it does go out for public consultation it will be really, really strong and hopefully we can get an additional piece that’ll make it really strong at that stage”.

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