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St Patrick’s Centre in Kilkenny undergoes a rebranding

It'll be renamed 'Aurora: Enriching Lives, Enriching Communities'.

Kilkenny’s St Patrick’s Centre is undergoing a rebrand today.

The organisation began its de-congregation process in 2016 moving residents from its central campus on the Kells Road to smaller homes tailored to meet their individual needs.

Today an event will take place at Kilkenny Castle where it’ll be renamed ‘Aurora: Enriching Lives, Enriching Communities’.

After being presented by Kilkenny Lions Club with a donation from their surplus funds, Emma Butler told KCLR News that while the name may be changing, the nature of the work will not:

“We support 75 people in their community homes,” said Emma.

“Over the last few years, we’ve gone through a huge process of de-congregation from our Kells Road location, where people have moved into their community homes across County Kilkenny and also in County Carlow,”.

“So we’ll be continuing to support people to live a fantastic, meaningful life,” she added.