TDs to meet local Councillors over ‘shelving’ of major road projects in South Kilkenny

Councillors are concerned over lack of funding for N24 & N25

TD’s from across the South East region are to meet with local Councillors about the major road projects that seem to have been shelved.

South Kilkenny councillors are concerned the needs of the area are being ignored.

The failure by the TII to fund necessary works on the N24 and N25 was a hot topic again today as elected members in South Kilkenny met.

There was a consensus that Dáil Deputies need to be lobbied hard on this matter.

Cathaoirleach Pat Dunphy told KCLR what they expect of them:

“We want action, we want the TD’s to speak to Eamon Ryan. He’s the Minister, he can change everything and the department of Transport, who he is Minister over to get this thing back on track. We feel that the only people who can change this at the minute are our TD’s. This is national funding that’s after being affected.”

Frustrations were outlined by all of the elected representatives who are concerned about the knock-on effects of route upgrade delays on lives and livelihoods.

Cllr Ger Frisby was adamant that this cannot be let lie:

“People’s lives are on hold because of these decisions and these decisions are being signed off on in Dublin. It’s not taking into consideration people’s views on the ground. On hold means planning permission, farming, business industries, everything is on hold because of the route selection, inaction, and under funding of these projects. It’s just time to get the fingers out now and put the money where their mouth is and actually get projects funded.”