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Tech Talk on KCLR Drive: S03E01 – iTunes, Windows, Father’s Day

We're kicking off season 3 of Tech Talk with Blacknight on KCLR Drive

Blacknight Solutions

For Tech Talk S03 E01 I’m joined by Alan O’Reilly of Blacknight Solutions in Carlow to talk all things technology.

Up first, we go through the developments around iTunes from Apple’s latest WWDC event – what does it mean for Mac users, Windows users, if your phone is safe and what exactly happens your music collection?

The NSA have been advising people to upgrade their versions of Windows – particularly those with hardware running Windows 7 as it approaches end of life. How easy is it and what should you plan for?

With Father’s Day on the horizon, we get a look at some gadgets that won’t break the bank including budget fitness trackers, all the way up to Apple AirPods and right around to buying a domain name for the weekend that’s in it.

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