The Bottom Line Tuesday August 28 2012

Hi All

It’s good to be back on the Bottom Line again this week and many thanks to Conor Power who filled in my absence.

Great to come back to positive news – Tom Molloy of the Irish Independent talked about 2 bits of good news: the consumer confidence index released today shows that Irish consumers are feeling rather confident with the index at 70 (12 months ago it languished at 50). As well as that, despite the damp Summer retail sales have been enjoying an uptick. Have we passed some sort of tipping point?

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More good news from Brian Egan Director of Bluebird Homecare who set up the business in Carlow Kilkenny two years ago. Already employing 60 people he’s taking on 20 more in the months ahead. HE was frustrated though with the red tape of employing carers particularly when trying to take someone off the unemployment line. Its curtailing employment he says. Politicians take note.

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Jacinta Edge Moody of Jem Textiles joined us in studio to talk about her business. Hear her story here.

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Blacknight in Carlow have been making a name for themselves over the years as a web registrar and a hosting company.  Michele Neylon joined us to tell us even more good news about the construction of a data centre by the company in Carlow that is likely to lead to more new jobs.

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And Siobhan Rudden was on to talk European Cooperation Day …

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